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Music and visuals are not always a good marriage but there are some great performances of Folia tunes at the internet in motion pictures and there are practically no barriers to expose these performances to visitors.
From this website also some vinyl recordings of Folía which never made it to compact disc (or other digital formats), and some live radio broadcastings are included at YouTube to illustrate the listed items of the Folía inventory.
Some new items of the inventory will be added on a regular base for material that otherwise would slip into oblivion.

Apr. 01, 2015 COMPOSER: Anonymous for harpsichord solo (Ms de Mlle la Pierre), Carroll (for 2 guitars), Caruso & da Silva, Idenstam, Mlle Le Noble, Rare Bird, Schaffner, Schieferdecker, Smit, Sollima, Viso Soto

Nov. 16, 2014 COMPOSER: Accademia del Piacere, Benvenuti, Curtoni, Eisentanz, Flothuis, Garcia, Gronich, Klaverdal, Kuhlau, Mariani, Pedini, Anthony St. Pierre (Pholia), RAM, Tubin, Turrisi
Apr. 23, 2014 COMPOSER: Alcántara, Anonymous for Baroque guitar, Beauvarlet-Charpentier, Dall'Osto, DeMarco, Ensemble Oni Wytars, Hladek, Istace, Kõrvits, Pacchioni (op.64. n.8), Ronnes, Rózsa, Stahel
Apr. 4, 2013 COMPOSER: Anonymous for harp (Lawrence-King), Bondeman, Jong, Niimi, Richter, Selosse, Sidera Noctis, Weiss, Wesseltoft
Oct. 12, 2012 COMPOSER: Clavell Larrinaga, Crittenden, Ducreux, Grupo Segrel, Guignon, Gutiérrez-Martínez, Hübscher (2012), La Ninfea, Lycée Jeanne d'Arc de Rouen, Pacheco (2x), Pavia, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Raff (similar music), Solomons (Modal Madness)
Jan. 8, 2012 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Italy), Brown, Einhorn, Gorjanc, Grüning, Rubato Appassionato, Taylor (2x), Timpelan (Folie d'Espagne für 4 Basler Lang(Natur)trompeten), Warnock (Tango Ornitorrinco) Weyman
March 13, 2011 COMPOSER: Beretta, Delucchi, Dianov, Giaconni, Gpkism, The Hurdy-Gurdy Band, Jeay, Kellerman, Mambrini e.a., Prittwitz, Salesski (also Saleski)
Sept 10, 2010 COMPOSER: Harpens Kraft, Johnson, Pesson, Rêverie
May 29, 2010 COMPOSER: Anonymous for fifre and organ, Bachlund, Bilstin, Duport, Lorentz, Warnock (Rumba)
March 13, 2010 COMPOSER: Ahlert, Anonymous for French voice(s), Carroll, The Harp Consort, Hummel, Kilpatrick once more, Paulsen-Bahnsen, Petrini, Pine, Wranitzky
July 18, 2009 COMPOSER: Adolphson, Bruun, Frandsen, Gunge, Malmonde
LISTING: Campo, Corelli, Izarra, Johanson, Kuula, Liszt, Malipiero, Marais, Rachmaninov, Sanz
Apr. 14, 2009 COMPOSER: Bremner, Chatillon, Matyas
LISTING: Ms. Berlin, Corelli, Marais, Scarlatti, Vivaldi
MP3-FILE: no longer listed separately due to running out of bandwidth
Dec. 28, 2008 COMPOSER: Berthier (Qui mange ma chair), CJA, Fernández de Huete, Kilpatrick, St. Pierre (Pentafolia), Warnock (Pentango)
LISTING: Anonymous (Folías graves), Anonymous (Pagginton's Pound), Guerau, Martin Y Coll, Pasuini, Sanz, Vivaldi
Sept. 5, 2008 COMPOSER: Heaton, Kränzlein, Marco, Mörner Ms., St. Pierre, Small World Project, Yates
LISTING: Corelli, Marais, Pasquini, Scarlatti, Vivaldi
MIDI-FILE: Heaton, Mörner Ms.
MP3-FILE: no longer listed separately due to running out of bandwidth
June 15, 2008 COMPOSER: Danieli, Gallo, Goldobine, Kilpatrick, Quiggle, Van Slyck.
LISTING: Anonymous (Packington's Powdne), Corelli, Geminiani, Marais, Red Priest, Reinis, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: Cocq, Eden, Gallo, Reinis, Van Slyck, Sor
Apr. 3, 2008 COMPOSER: Barry, Eden, Fargas, Pau and Caselles, Sergi, Feuillet, Pizzarelli, Warnock (Tango)
LISTING: Corelli, Gallot, Marais, Piccinini, Sanz
MP3-FILE: Barry, Warnock (Tango)
Sept 19, 2007 COMPOSER: Carpentier, La Cetra d'Orfeo, Ford, Kiviniemi, Ligoratti, Warnock (Magnolia)
LISTING: Anonymous (Pagginton's Pound), JS Bach, Sanz, Sheriff, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: J.S. Bach, La Cetra d'Orfeo, Johanson, Vivaldi, Warnock (Magnolia)
MIDI-FILE: Carpentier
July 15, 2007 COMPOSER: Alkan, Bezverkhny, Feuillet, Harrison, Lawrence-King, Sanchez, Warnock (Foliage)
LISTING: C.P.E. Bach, Nielsen, Sanz
MP3-FILE: Bezverkhny, Warnock (Foliage)
March 5, 2007 COMPOSER: Geraerdts, 10 Rue d'La Madeleine, The York Waits
LISTING: Salieri, Sanz, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: 10 Rue d'La Madeleine, The York Waits
Jan. 14, 2007 COMPOSER: Chatham Baroque, Escande, Labyrinto (early Folia), Nicolis, Pandolfo (early Folia)
LISTING: Anonymous for carillon, Corelli, Busoni, Falconieri, Hándel (Foolia), Kapsberger (early Folia), Llobet, Marais, Pasquini, A. Scarlatti, Vivaldi
MP3-FILE: Nicolis (2x), Pandolfo
Oct. 15, 2006 COMPOSER: Eijkhout, Reicha (Etude No. 33)
LISTING: Corelli, Falconieri, Marais, Sanz
MP3-FILES: Corelli performed by trombone (fragm.), Eijkhout
MIDI-FILE: Reicha (Etude No. 33)
Sept. 13, 2006 COMPOSER: Grieg
LISTING: Llobet, Rachmaninoff, Pasquini
MP3-FILE: Pasquini in an arrangement for carillion (low quality field recording)
July 15, 2006 COMPOSER: Anonymous for clarinet, Anonymous for traverso, Chiaucourt, Drozdov, Rudzinski (Foolia), Steup
LISTING: Corelli, Falconieri, Geminiani, Sanz
MP3-FILES: Corelli performed live by the Quadro Janas (arr. two recorder)
MIDI-FILE: Matteis
March 22, 2006 COMPOSER: (Joseph) Carpentier, Harms, Kaya, Matyas (canon on 'La Folia'), Partner, Rivoal, Veracini
LISTING: Conti, Corelli, Keiser, Ponce
MIDI-FILE: Partner, Veracini
MP3-FILES: Matyas
Feb. 15, 2006 COMPOSER: Hübscher (3x), Knutna Nävar, Svenblad
LISTING: Cherubini, Corelli, Marais, Oppenheimer, Sanz, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: Hübscher (2x), I Villani (Sanz), Oppenheimer, Svenblad
Dec. 02, 2005 COMPOSER: Adam, Behringer, Conti, Godfree, Stingl, Uccellini
LISTING: CPE Bach, Corelli, Falonieri, Marais, Pasquini (2x), Vivaldi
MIDI-FILE: Uccellini
MP3-FILES: Adam, Conti
Oct. 02, 2005 COMPOSER: Cherubini (2nd Folia), Wettstein
LISTING: Albicastro, Anonymous Sinclairsvisan, Cabanilles (early Folia), Corbetta (early Folia), Corelli, Falconieri, Farinelli, Johanson, Piccinini (early Folia), Sanz (2x), A. Scarlatti, Sor, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: Keiser, Taube, Wettstein
Aug. 21, 2005 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), Cramer, Reicha, Stefani (Early Folia), Timpelan (3rd Folia), Trio Trad, Vidal
LISTING: CPE Bach, Corelli, Liszt, Marais, Martín Y Coll, Pasquini, Ponce, Rachmaninoff, A. Scarlatti
MP3-FILE: Anonymous for keyboard (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), Trio Trad
May 30, 2005 COMPOSER: Glise, Oppenheimer, Pook
LISTING: Corbetta (early Folia), de Fossa, Dumond, Giuliani, Llobet, Sanz, Sor, Valerrabano (early Folia)
MP3-FILES: Glise, Merchi, the complete improvisations of Sebestyén
MIDI-FILE: Santiago de Murcia
Apr. 11, 2005 COMPOSER: Anonymous for recorder & b.c., Evans, Hufeisen, Keiser
LISTING: Anonymous for recorder, Corelli, Marais, Ponce
MP3-FILE: Evans
MIDI-FILES: Boccherini
Feb. 28, 2005 COMPOSER: Canzoniere del Progno, Morini, Schouten
LISTING: C.P.E. Bach, Corelli, Sanz
MP3-FILE: Morini, Vivaldi (fragment of the opera Orlando Furioso)
MIDI-FILES: Van de Moortel (letter M), Schouten
Feb. 06, 2005 COMPOSER: Forsyth, Matyas
LISTING: Anonymous for keyboard (bamboo organ), Corelli, Pasquini, Storace (early Folia), Vigeland
MP3-FILE: Vigeland
MIDI-FILES: Uematsu (2x)
Dec. 26, 2004 COMPOSER: Aguirre, Hübscher, Serrano.
LISTING: Corelli, Marais, Martín y Coll, Pasquini (Partite sopra), Pasquini (Variazioni), Tibaldi (similar music)
MP3-FILES: Anonymous for ensemble (Machado), Marais
MIDI-FILE: Serrano
Nov. 08, 2004 COMPOSER: Hallberg, Rodrigo
LISTING: Corelli, Falconieri, Marais, Pasquini, Sanz
Aug. 09, 2004 COMPOSER: Klenes, Timpelan (3x)
LISTING: Corelli, Marais, Salieri
MP3-FILES: Corelli, Klenes, Marais
July 10, 2004 COMPOSER: Trovesi, Vitale
LISTING: Cabezon (early Folia), Corbetta (early Folia), Falconieri, Frescobaldi (early Folia), Marais (3x), McGibbon, Sanz
MP3-FILES: Sheriff
June 03, 2004 COMPOSER: Berthier, Solomons
LISTING: Piccinini (early Folia)
MIDI-FILE: Piccinini (early Folia)
MP3-FILES: Solomons
May 10, 2004 COMPOSER: Anonymous for theorbo, Bravo-Tejeda, Darvas, Sychra
LISTING: Anonymous for recorder and continuo, de Cabezón (early Folia), Geminiani, Marais, Pasquini, Piccinini (early Folia), Ruiz de Ribayaz
MIDI-FILE: Bravo-Tejeda
MP3-FILE: Anonymous for theorbo
Jan. 29, 2004 COMPOSER: Rinda-Nickola
MP3-FILE: Jan Bach: La Caccia Variation, Trio Variation
NEW CHAPTER: The Folia diaspora in a geographical map
Dec. 17, 2003 COMPOSER: Ador, Anonymous for baroque lute, Béthune, Erna Schmidt (ensemble)
LISTING: d'Anglebert
MIDI-FILE: Anonymous for Baroque lute, Béthune
MP3-FILE: Ador
Dec. 01, 2003 COMPOSER: Soler, Uematsu
LISTING: Corelli, Torre (early Folia)
MIDI-FILE: Uematsu
Nov. 09, 2003 COMPOSER: Anonymous for baroque guitar, Anonymous for lute, Chédeville, Taylor
MP3-FILE: Campo (Chaconne)
MIDI-FILES: Enja (similar music), Tiomkin (similar music)
NEW CHAPTER: La Folia and poetry/performance
Oct. 18, 2003 COMPOSER: Carillon of Sint-Pieterskerk, Kagel
LISTING: Corelli (makes it 100x Corelli!)
MP3-FILE: Carillon of Sint-Pieterskerk, Anonymous for carillon Ms. Leuven
Sept. 04, 2003 COMPOSER: Baldano (early Folia), Conti, Ghignone, Kulp (early Folia)
LISTING: Bruna (early Folia), Corelli, Gallot, Santiago de Murcia
MP3-FILE: Kulp & La Follia Austin Baroque (early Folia)
June 15, 2003 COMPOSER: Red Priest
LISTING: Bellinzani, Corelli (2x), Grétry, Marais, Storace (early Folia), Vivaldi
MP3-FILE: A. Scarlatti (8 variations by Brembeck)
A sitemap of the Foliapages has been installed
May 19, 2003 COMPOSER: Sprung
LISTING: C.P.E. Bach, Marais (2x), Ponce, Sanz, A Scarlatti
MP3-FILES: Jan Bach: Rococo variation, Canzona Ultima variation and the Chorale Fugue of Foliations
Apr. 11, 2003 COMPOSER: Vigeland, Wiesenberg
LISTING: Cocq, Corbetta (early Folia), Martin Y Coll, Maute, Sanz
March 16, 2003 COMPOSER: le Bailly (early Folia), Carpentier, Payúta, Van de Moortel, The Waverly Consort
LISTING: Corelli, Pasquini (third version), Reinis, Vivaldi
MP3-FILES: Payúta, Reinis
Jan. 19, 2003 COMPOSER: Anonymous for voices and continuo, Dumbraveanu, Tiomkin (similar music), Wise
LISTING: Coferati, Foscarini (early Folia), Sor
Sept. 23, 2002 COMPOSER: Anonymous for Carillon (Ms. The Netherlands, C. Bos), Egk, Sierra
LISTING: Corelli, Ponce, Vitali (Foolia)
Aug. 26, 2002 COMPOSER: Anonymous for serinette (bird-organ)
MP3-FILE: Anonymous for serinette
NEW CHAPTER: La Folia and radio broadcasting
Aug. 18, 2002 COMPOSER: Budzynski, Fetler, Lopez Nogueira, Merchi, Rebours
LISTING: le Cocq, Dandrieu (Foolia), de Fossa, Vitali (Foolia)
SHEET MUSIC: Lopez Nogueira
July 18, 2002 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Italy)
LISTING: Anonymous for flute and basso continuo, Corelli, Marais
July 01, 2002 COMPOSER: Arditti, Trussell
MIDI-FILES: Arditti, Trussell
June 14, 2002 COMPOSER: Tapiola Choir, Rothschild II
LISTING: Cherubini, Martin Y Coll
MIDI-FILES: Bacevicius (var. 18), Rothschild II
MP3-FILE: Alcock (theme and first variation)
May 26, 2002 COMPOSER: Matteis
LISTING: Corbetta (early Folia), Corelli, Vivaldi, Sanz
MIDI-FILES: Bacevicius (var. 17), Reinis
Apr. 21, 2002 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Belgium), Bacevicius, Bencze, Grétry, Priest
LISTING: Corelli (3x), Giuliani
MIDI-FILES: Anonymous for keyboard Ms. Arnhem (2), Bencze
Feb. 17, 2002 LISTING: Falconieri, Frescobaldi (early Folia), Geminiani, Gilardino, Giuliani, Maddonni (once more), Ohana (Foolia), Ortiz (early Folia), Ponce, Sanz, A. Scarlatti, Sor
RECOMMENDED RECORDINGS: Folías, Luigi Attademo guitar
Jan. 03, 2002 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Bolivia), Bacri, Bertone, Carluccio-Leante, Knowles, Koch, Villasol, Vivaldi
LISTING: Ruiz de Ribayaz, Maddoni
Dec. 02, 2001 COMPOSER: Lacrimae Ensemble (Fred Jacobs)
MIDI-FILE: Eccles (revised Folia)
RECOMMENDED RECORDINGS: Bärtschi (LP unfortunately no longer available)
LISTING: C.P.E. Bach, Liszt, Maddonni, Marais, Martín Y Coll/Sanz, Rachmaninoff, A. Scarlatti, Storace (early Folia)
Oct. 21, 2001 COMPOSER: Kíla, Martinez (Early Folia), Tamponi (additional info)
MIDI-FILE: Martín Y Coll (anonymous)
LISTING: Corelli
Sep. 16, 2001 COMPOSER: Baustetter, Godard, Stiller
MIDI-FILE: Baustetter
LISTING: Bellinzani, Busoni (2x), Corelli, Croebelis (similar music), Frescobaldi (early Folia), Lully, Marais, Paganini, Ponce, Rachmaninoff, Salieri, A. Scarlatti (2x), Vangelis
Aug. 01, 2001 COMPOSER: Cotton
MP3-FILES: Cotton, Izarra
LISTING: Cabezon (early Folia), Kuhlau (similar music), Lully
July 06, 2001 CHAPTER: 'La Folia and motion pictures?'
LISTING: Corelli (2x), Foley, Geminiani, Salieri
June 16, 2001 COMPOSER: Bellak, Trovesi (again)
LISTING: Corbetta (early Folia), Falconieri (Falconiero), Reali, Storace (early Folia), Vivaldi
June 07, 2001 COMPOSER: Anonymous for keyboard (Ms.2 Arnhem), Bedard, Reinis
MIDI-FILES: Anonymous for keyboard (Ms.2 Arnhem), Bedard
LISTING: A. Scarlatti, Trovesi
May 24, 2001 COMPOSER: Anonymous for carillon (Ms. Leuven), Anonymous for keyboard (Ms. Arnhem), Campo, Tárrega
SHEET MUSIC: Anonymous for keyboard (Ms. Arnhem)
MIDI-FILE: Anonymous for keyboard (Ms. Arnhem)
Apr. 14, 2001 COMPOSER: Berlioz, Boccherini, Galvão, Mendoza (early Folia), Purcell (similar music), Shannon, Tamponi
MIDI-FILE: Shannon
LISTING: Falconieri
Jan. 26, 2001 COMPOSER: Anonymous for ensemble(?), Anonymous for lute, Pacchioni, Trovesi & Cascia
SHEET MUSIC: Anonymous for baroque guitar (Ms. Conde de Redondo), Pacchioni
MIDI-FILES: Anonymous for lute, Pacchioni
FOLIA-CD: La Folia by Institut für Didaktik populärer Musik (recommended cd's)
LISTING: Corbetta (early Folia), Corelli, Lully, Rachmaninoff
Nov. 29, 2000 COMPOSER: Waxman
LISTING: d'Anglebert, Russell/Schwendener (early Folia), Sanz
Oct. 26, 2000 SHEET MUSIC: Svoboda
COMPOSER: Anonymous for guitar (Galvão), Maydew, Sebestyén/Lantos, Svoboda
MP3-FILE: Sebestyén/Lantos
MIDI FILE: Svoboda
Sep. 17, 2000 COMPOSER: McGibbon
MP3-FILES: Pessina (2x), Strauß (Strauss)
MIDI FILES: Nusbaumer (2x) © R. Nusbaumer
LISTINGS: Foley, Santiago de Murcia
Aug. 19, 2000 COMPOSER: Nusbaumer, Torrente
SHEET MUSIC: Corrette, Nusbaumer, Salieri
LISTINGS: Corelli, Castaldi (early Folia), Falconieri, Zhurbin (Foolia)
July 06, 2000 COMPOSER: Corrette, Kwame, Strauß (Strauss)
SHEET MUSIC: Strauß (Strauss)
MP3-FILES: Eccles (fragment of concert), Sebestyén (fragment of improvisation)
June 14, 2000 COMPOSER: J.S.Bach (similar variations), Baxter, Corrette, Johansson and Pessina
MIDI FILE: J.S.Bach (similar variations)
Apr. 27, 2000 SHEET MUSIC: Baillon, Ponce
MP3 FILE: Jan Bach
LISTINGS: Falconieri, Marais, Martin Y Coll, Ortiz (early Folia), Sanz, Storace (early Folia)
Jan. 17 1999 COMPOSER: Sebestyén, Renotte (Foolia)
COVERS: Pasquini, Renotte (foolia), Scarlatti
Dec. 27 1998 NEW CHAPTER WITH RECOMMENDED RECORDINGS: Since in 1998 there were two disc released devoted to La Folias it seems logical to make a small discography with recordings focusing on this theme as an introduction for listening.
LISTINGS: Corelli, Marais, Martín y Coll, A. Scarlatti
NEW RELEASE: 'La Folia, 1490-1701' by Jordi Savall e.o.
Dec. 06 1998 SHEET MUSIC: Dumond (Arnaud)
COMPOSER: Agliati (Luigi), Gerhard (Roberto)
LISTINGS: Anonymous for harp, Anonymous for psalter, Falconieri, Frescobaldi (early Folia), Liszt, Lully, Pasquini, Torre (early Folia), Vivaldi
MIDI FILES: Dumond (Arnaud), All variations of Faronel's Ground (Farinelli) added
Nov. 12 1998 SHEET MUSIC: Trojahn (Foolia)
LISTINGS: Geminiani, Marais
MIDI FILES: Bailleux (theme and 2 variations), Maute (28 bars), Trojahn (4 bars, Foolia)
CORRECTIONS: Trojahn's La Folia is considered not to be a genuine Folia chord progression although there is not much information about this piece to form a profound opinion.
Oct. 27 1998 COMPOSER: Dumond (Arnaud), Llobet (Miguel)
NEW RELEASES: Murcia, Santiago de
LISTINGS: Corelli, Gallot, Marais, Mihalovici, Ponce, Sanz, Schoonenbeek, Sheriff, Sor
MIDI FILES: Gallot (theme and all couplets)
Oct. 10 1998 COMPOSER: Napoli (Jacopo)
NEW RELEASES: Farinell(i)
MIDI FILES: all variations added for Anonymous (The Spanish Follye for keyboard), Anonymous (Folias graves), Minguet y Irolt
Sept. 27 1998 SHEET MUSIC: Bruna (early Folia), Eccles, Giuliani, Sigmund, Sor
Sept. 08 1998 SHEET MUSIC: Anonymous for keyboard, Minguet y Irol (2x)
COMPOSER: Eccles (Lance), Anonymous for keyboard (Spain), Minguet y Irol (Pablo), Sigmund (Oskar), Trojahn (Manfred)
LISTINGS: Giuliani, Martin y Coll, Vitali (similar music), Vivaldi
MIDI FILES: Eccles, Giuliani
COVERS: Vivaldi
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: R. Rossetti provided some years missing concerning the birth and death of composers
August 23 1998 COMPOSER: Anonymous for harpsichord (collected 1695)
LISTINGS: d'Anglebert, Giuliani, Marais, Sanz, Sor (2x), Vivaldi
August 03 1998 SHEET MUSIC: Anonymous for harp, Beethoven: full score fragment and excerpt, Cabanilles (early Folia), Maute, Moine
COMPOSER: Bruna (early Folia)
LISTINGS: Bruna (early Folia), Corelli
MIDI FILES: Castro de Gistau, Jan Bach (2x), Cabanilles, added are all couplets of Croebelis


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