La Folia and motion pictures?

Some warning about filmscores and the Folia may be justified, because I got several requests to trace obscure film-music. Jim Stevenson cleared things up when he once wrote me in an e-mail (sorry Jim I lost your e-mail address but i guess you would not mind that i am quoting you here):

As a 'La Folia' junkie lacking a perfect musical memory, I have fallen prey to a duplicious Hollywood habit. During a preview of Luc Besson's 'The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc', I recognized the La Folia theme in the music. I purchased the CD only to discover there was no La Folia. It finally dawned on me after hearing the previews again on TV that I had been listening to John Newton Howard's music for the movie Restoration. Recently I heard Howard's La Folia again for a preview of another movie (which slips my mind). I guess this is backhanded praise for the power of the theme and the way Howard and/or his orchestrators portrayed it for Restoration.
Jim Stevenson, January 10, 2001.

And Ken Thompson confirms this actual practice:

In the section of your website devoted to the use of 'La folia' in movie music, you mention that one of your correspondents complained about movie companies substituting music in their advertisements and 'coming attraction' trailers. Just last week I heard a radio commercial promoting the soundtrack of 'The Pianist', and the commercial featured the main title music from 'Reformation' with its beautiful treatment of 'La folia'. The actual soundtrack is just another Chopin compilation, which I certainly don't need! This annoying practice has been around for awhile-- 'Carmina Burana' and 'Red October' get recycled regularly in movie previews, too.
January 2003

In 2006 Hiroaki Sai detected another use of John Newton Howard's music for the film Restoration in a Japanese trailer of the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha"

Production Composer Performer(s) Performed/published Cover
The Addams Family (motion picture) Vivaldi, Antonio Koenig, Carole (conductor and arrangement) 1991 cover of the first motion picture of The Addams Family size 15 kb
Assassin's Creed Unity (video game) Corelli, Arcangelo Unknown 2014  - size 15 kb
Barry Lyndon (motion picture) Händel, George Frideric Rosenman, Leonhard (conductor and arrangement) 1975 cover of cd Barry Lyndon as music of the film score - size 11 kb
Conquest of Paradise (motion picture) Papathanassiou, Evangelos Odyssey (Vangelis) Vangelis and others 1992 cover of cd Vangelis as music of the film score - size 11 kb
Le cose che parlano Corelli, Arcangelo Jelescu, Radu (arrangement and violin) with soprano and fortepiano 2007 fragment of making film 15kB
La Course en Tête Corelli, Arcangelo (arrangement for recorder) Munrow, David (dir.) and the Early Music Consort of London unknown (1974 or prior) cover of lp Joël Santoni's Film

Opening of Don Quijote

La banda sonora de la misma La banda sonora de la misma unknown Opeing of the cartoonfilm size 15 kb

La Folia
an organic abstract images dance

Corelli, Arcangelo (arrangement Quadro Janas)) Quadro Janas 2010 La Folia, an abstract animation size 15 kb
From the top at Carnegie Hall.
Season2, episode 11
Corelli, Arcangelo (arrangement Fritz Kreisler) Hoopes, Chad (violin) and Riley, Christoper 2008 Chad and Christopher - size 15 kb
Jefferson in Paris (motion picture) Corelli, Arcangelo Kurosaki, Hiro (violin), Balsa, Emmanuel
(cello), Christie, William (harpsichord)
1995 cover of cd Jefferson in Paris as music of the film score - size 11 kb
Die Manns, Ein Jahrhundertroman (mini-series) Vivaldi, Antonio Unknown 2001 cover series Die Manns 15kB
The Merchant of Venice (motion picture) Pook, Jocelyn Baroque String Quartet 2004 cover CD The Merchant of Venice - 15kB
The Monk and the fish (cartoon) Besset, Serge (based upon La Follia by Corelli) Ensemble conducted by Serge Besset 1994 cover drawing for cartoon 15kB
Restoration (motion picture) Newton Howard, James Orchestration: Weidman, Alexander,
Bennett, Nemitz, Newton Howard
1995 cover cd Restauration and portrait composer 18kB
Le Roi danse (motion picture) Lully, Jean-Baptiste Musica Antiqua Köln/Goebel, Reinhard 2000 cover CD with Reinhard Goebel Lully - 38kB
Stradivari Cremona (tv-production) Tamponi, Franco Accardo, Salvatore 1987 cover filmmusic Stradivari
The Alamo (motion picture) Tiomkin, Dimitri Performers unknown 1960
Tous les Matins du monde (motion picture) Marais, Marin Savall, Jordi 1991 cover of cd Savall - size 26 kb
Venice, a Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present (documentary) Vivaldi, Antonio Danubius Ensemble 2004 cover of dvd Venice size 15 kb
Viaggio a Pompei (documentary) Marais, Marin Unknown performers 2002 cover of dvd Pompei size 15 kb

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