Why this website?

At first sight La Folia already looks like an interesting building constructed quietly in the course of centuries on the foundations of earlier settlements. It's a great experience to see that the development of the numerous fascinating elements and delicate details is consuming composers, performers and listeners alike as an anchor in musical thought, like a cathedral built during centuries.

For those people who are interested in the folia theme there is a disturbing lack of good sources. The information available is very superficial and can only be found in very general reference works and review articles, apart from the scientifical study by Richard Hudson (see literature) which is only available at specialized conservatories and where the focus is on the transition of the early to the later folia. This website is an effort to collect as much relevant information as possible on la folia. Every contribution, be it a new line of approach, a suggestion or a discussion will be welcomed. Added to that it is almost impossible for one person to check all musical new releases for possible new variations of la folia.
This website was built in the hope that from every part of the world new discoveries will get their names here in the inventory, so that they will be part of a collective musical tradition and awareness.
Finally it serves as a tribute to the still growing organism called La Folia.

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